Anonymous asked: Hi. They have the short version of the raffertie remix online now.

Thanks! I’ve added it.

Anonymous asked: I absolutely love Suits and your blog! Do you know of any similar blogs that list the fashion worn on Suits? Donna/Jessica/Rachel always look incredible and I'd love to know more about the clothes on the show. Thank you!

It seems like they only post the links to clothes that exactly match what was worn on the show, but I hope this helps! If anyone has any other sites, drop a line and I’ll post it here.

lvvi asked: i've been searching for a song that was in the final episode of this season (season 3) the song starts with harvey mike louis coming out of a black vehicle. The songs name is " how do you like me now- The heavy" but i can't seem to find the suits version of the song. Much thanks xo, love ur blog.

It’s the Raffertie remix, which I haven’t been able to find as its own song. This is the only video that has it, but it isn’t ideal and I don’t want to put it in the episode post.

S3E15: Know When To Fold ‘Em


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Music under the cut!

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Anonymous asked: Hey. I posted before about a song and finally found it through my own efforts. Thought you might just want to post it for the benefit of others. S01E02: Errors and Omissions. The song with Mike, Louis, and Tom at the sports club locker room is called: Kram - Burnin Sands. Appreciate your website and just giving back. Thanks.

Oh wow, that’s a throwback. Thanks so much! I’ll add it to the list.

Anonymous asked: Where can I find the song, The One - With Lions, in Suits S3E13?

Their Facebook page says that it’s not available yet, but it will be on their upcoming album in the spring. For now, though, here’s a clip from the episode featuring the song.

Anonymous asked: Do you know if the show had a changeup in their music department? There's a distinct shift in music styles between S2 and S3.

Nathan Perkins took over from Gavin Barclay as associate producer beginning in season 3, so that may have had an influence, but this is as far as I know in terms of Suits’ personnel changes. Chris Tyng is still there, of course.

Anonymous asked: Do you know what song is played during the start of each episode where they do a recap? Even google doesn't know

It’s a Chris Tyng instrumental! I think it might be this one (there’s background noises because it’s ripped and looped from a scene).

This is only one of two instances where music by Chris Tyng has been ripped/made available that I know of. The second one is here.